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Various kinds of locks

Locks are varied; about as varied as food, birds, and flowers. Your standard lock and key image is usually of a padlock and a traditional looking key with a rounded handle and jagged or notched blade that inserts in the keyhole. While those typical locks and keys are still around, in the modern world we can use locks, keys and locking mechanisms that folks just a few years ago would fail to recognize or even comprehend.

Why so many locks?

Locks come in many forms, materials, sizes and functions. They can be small like diary locks or quite large like combination dials on a bank vault. Some locks offer minimal security and are more for the illusion of security than real protection. Others, offer time tested security that is much harder to bypass whether you are a seasoned criminal or a mischievous teenager. It’s smart thinking to consider the type and quality of the lock(s) you are considering. Be careful to match the lock type to the security need that you now have. Doing so will result in better protection for your valuables and property.

One tip we always pass on to our local customers is to always use quality locks and locking hardware. The only benefit cheap locks have is that they give the impression that you are protected and that your property is secure. A cheap lock is easily bypassed and you don’t need to be a newly released convict from Attica prison to know that. Teenagers and low-level crooks are known to smash, pry, pick and bump open locks of all kinds and being poorly constructed of cheap materials actually helps the process. It’s always a good idea to use quality locks when protecting family members, employees or valuables. Choose and work with quality lock brands that have proven the tests of time. Some of these include Baldwin, Medeco, Abloy, Schlage, Kwikset, Master, American, Sentry, Von Duprin, Yale, Dexter, Fichet, Ace, ASSA, Llco, InstaKey, Primus, BiLock and others of equal quality and reputation.

Deadbolts Locks

One of our favorite kinds of locks is the old fashioned but very reliable deadbolt. These locks when properly installed can provide your property with discreet and solid security by acting as a second line of defense. If a burglar was to manage to pick or bypass your main door lock, a well-installed deadbolt lock can thwart his actions by causing frustration, fear and lack of resolve. It takes additional time to now get past your deadbolt (assuming you locked it, of course!). Every second of this time increases the risk that the homeowner is either calling police or reaching for a gun. Most crooks will simply move on to easier pickings as the ‘low hanging fruit’ is what they had in mind, most times. 

High security locks

These specialty locks are highly recommended by our locksmiths. They are built solidly and consist of better parts and construction. While most ‘regular’ locks are made of tin, high security locks are constructed of solid steel parts that allow them to become labelled as pick proof, pry proof and smash proof by industry experts. Surprisingly, you won’t pay a fortune for these useful hardware options as many locksmiths offer them at affordable rates.


Padlocks are affordable, easy to use and portable. They come in many sizes and offer multiple options for locking and unlocking. You can use padlocks with keys, key codes, combination dials and a combination of the above. These useful locks can be used to secure gates, lockers, storage rooms, cabinets, sheds and lots more. People have been successfully using padlocks for several hundred years with varying degrees of success. Their portability and versatility make them useful in locking applications from jails to schools.

Fingerprint locks

Fingerprint locks are also known as biometric locks and there was a time in the not too distant past when this kind of technology simply did not exist. Fingerprint locks are becoming more commonplace and when combined with retina scanners they can lend a quality of lock protection that was previously unmatched. Apple is successfully incorporating biometric locks in their products and you can also find these specialty locks on safes, vaults, government facilities, high end homes and commercial locations.

Knob locks

You can find knob locks in residential or commercial settings all over town. They are used on interior doors as well as outside ones and are so common that you can find them virtually everywhere you look. They are quite easy and fast to install or change out and the security level of protection they provide is from low to medium. This is due to their very basic construction as they have the lock cylinder on the interior of the lock instead of inside the door itself. This form of lock construction makes them easy to open with a hammer strike or by simply prying them loose or off altogether. You can double their effectiveness by adding a deadbolt lock as described above.

So many more!

There are dozens and dozens of additional lock and key types to consider. You can do some research to see what locks best suit your needs. Go online and do some searching so you can find the right lock for your particular needs. If you have questions, then just call a locksmith.

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