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What to do when transponder key is lost

Locksmith Peachtree CityLosing one’s property is always unpleasant. The fact that the lost item is yours makes it hard to accept that it is missing or even gone forever. The item may have sentimental value like a child’s drawing or a locket from a loved one. It may be a needed item like a watch or a winter coat. In the case of a missing transponder key, it is a needed item whose absence now causes great inconvenience as well as a sizeable expense. If you’ve ever lost a transponder key or had one stolen from you, you understand what we mean.

Do you remember the feeling you had when you realized that your key is gone? Did you panic and wonder how you could be so absent minded? Did you suspect a certain person of taking it? Were you wondering how to best replace the key or if someone now can drive your car and even steal it from you?

Transponder keys; pros and cons

There are many good things about the modern use of transponder chip keys. They are almost exclusively used by auto makers as they have been so instrumental in cutting down the rate of car theft. By making these specialized keys so hard to duplicate (and expensive) it has helped to lower the incidents of car theft as thieves cannot simply have transponder keys copied as the duplicate will not have a transmitter chip inside the head that can communicate with your car and allow it to start. This pro also happens to be a con as only certain car dealers were authorized by the auto makers to duplicate these keys. The process is pricey, time consuming, and very inconvenient as it often involves tow fees as the car usually has to be brought into the dealer service area in order to properly match the new key to the car’s computer.

Wait; can’t you buy transponder keys online?

Yes, you sure can. They won’t work and you have to wait for shipping to bring them but you can certainly buy one. Understand that these companies selling online transponder keys are not authorized to do so. They can’t accurately program your key’s chip, either. After you discover this, you are, of course, angry and disgusted. You’ll want your money back, but just try collecting! Many of these online firms are overseas and will either refuse to refund you or just ignore your requests altogether.

Transponder key insurance

Yes, they really do sell it and in most cases, it is can be valid. There is one drawback though; the high premiums that you pay. You have long waits between filing claims and re-imbursement and the hassles and expense are usually not worth is as our replacement method is faster, less costly and more accurate.

Get Price Comparisons

Call around and get pricing. Many locksmiths offer convenient mobile service and same day appointments. As a comparison, call your car dealership and get some estimates from them, as well. You’ll be shocked at the difference. Not all locksmiths can duplicate transponder keys so use an experienced locksmith company. The goal is to get quality service at a good price and NOT to just go cheap and spend as little as possible.

Speaking of your car dealer…

While we mention calling your auto dealer for a price estimate, you may be wondering why not go through them for your transponder key replacement. You can; nothing is stopping you. Bear in mind that you will spend more money and jump through many hoops before your key ordeal is over. Your dealer’s service people can’t go to your car’s location and they do need to match your vehicle’s computer chip to your new key. You guessed it; you need to tow your car in to them. This is opposed to simply having a mobile locksmith come to your home and do the work right there. Why spend hours sitting in a dealer’s service area lounge when you could be having the same quality work done while you are at your residence?


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