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Keyless Entry System Benefits

Keyless entry system installations have gained substantially over the years. That’s because these electronic access devices have greatly improved as far as reliability and the security they offer are concerned. You will now find them on a majority of homes, commercial properties and on many automobiles too. If you are thinking about having some installed for you at your home, business or on your car, then we will discuss with you some of the benefits that you will get from handy locking devices.

Here are some of the main benefits you gain from using keyless entry locks

  • Convenience

Have you ever been late for work, school or any other activities because you could not find your house keys? Maybe you were outside on a freezing cold night and could not easily find your car keys in your overstuffed purse. It may even be a case where you had to drop everything you are doing and go let an employee into the workplace. All of these situations could have been avoided if you had keyless entry locks installed at your business, home or in your car. Keyless entry locks truly offer a huge amount of conveniences to those that have them.

  • Avoids Lockout Situations

Most people have gotten to their cars at one time or another only to find their car keys on the seat inside their locked car or have simply lost their keys to their home or business entryway doors. This will create a lockout situation where a experienced locksmith will need to be called and paid to resolve the situation. If you have keyless entry locks you will never have to worry about lockout situations like these again.

  • Easy to Reprogram

If someone has access to your keyless entry code at your home, business or on your car and leaves your household or your employ, it’s very easy to reprogram keyless entry codes to once again increase your security. Businesses can also add and subtract employees effortlessly who need to gain entry to a secure area or have that privilege removed.

  • Accountability

This one mainly applies to homes and businesses that use keyless entry systems. Some of them are so sophisticated they can tell you much about who comes and goes from your home or your business. You will know such things as the times that people came in and out of your home or business and how long they stayed there.

Here is an example of how this accountability that some keyless access systems have can help you at your business. It is determined that sometime between the hours of 5 pm – 8 pm a good sum of money disappeared from a secure area in your business. The video surveillance camera was smarty covered at the time. Only 5 people have access to that area of the business. You check your keyless entry data and find that only 2 of the 5 people who had access to the keyless entry code were in the building at that time. These would now be your two main suspects in the disappearance of that money.

  • Adds Style

Keyless entry systems have also gotten to the point where they now add style to any business, home or car that uses them. They are designed to be minimalized in their look and some are very nicely lighted too. 

  • Increases Security

Even as mechanical home, car and business lock security has increased over the years, so has the techniques that thieves use to defeat these systems also. When you have keyless electronic locks installed on your home, car or business locks it makes them much harder to defeat. They simply are not as easy to tamper with or jimmy open as keyed locking devices are. 

Another increased security you get from keyless entry locks is they can more easily have alarm systems attached to them. Some will even signal your home or business alarm monitoring service if key code entry has failed several times in a row.

  • No More Finicky or Damaged Keys

Have you ever been able to take your key out of your ignition while your car was running because the key has gotten so worn out? Maybe it’s a case where you can barely turn your front door lock to open because the new key you just had made works so poorly. With electronic locks, you never have to worry about key damage or wear. 

Are You Now Convinced Keyless Entry Locks Are Right for You? 

Many people shy away from purchasing keyless access systems because they feel they are costly and hard to install. That’s simply not the case anymore. Just as keyless entry locks have improved over the years, so too have the methods of installing them. Most locksmith companies have gotten very good at installing these electronic access systems for a fair price too.

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