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7 Steps to Hiring a Good Locksmith

Peachtree City, GA, is a beautiful area of Georgia, but even on Peachtree’s safe streets, the potential for crime exists. That’s why it’s important to always lock your doors at your home or business. Sometimes, though, problems with your locks—such as locking yourself out of your property by accidentally leaving the keys inside—can and do occur. When that happens, how do you find the right locksmith for the job? Unfortunately, there are many locksmith companies that have popped up in the last decade looking to make a quick buck by taking advantage of people’s panic and anxiety. They are effectively scam artists, practicing shady, deceptive techniques.  

Finding a good locksmith can be an involved process. You don’t want to just choose the first number that pops up when you search for a locksmith. It’s best for both your wallet and your security to do your research to find a good locksmith company to hire. It doesn’t have to be a long and involved process, however. The following steps can take you 30 minutes tops and save you a great deal of hassle and money if you follow them. While you may not be able to follow this process during an emergency lockout, if you’re looking to upgrade your security by calling a locksmith it’s imperative that you choose the right one and this process can help you do just that.   

Step 1: Go Local  

When you need to hire a locksmith, choose one that’s local to your area, such as Trusted Locksmith Peachtree City, to assist you. Do a search of locksmiths local to you and make a list from which to narrow down your selection. By ensuring that your locksmith is local, you’ll avoid some of the companies that hire out third-party help, which has no quality standards. Verify their credentials by ensuring that their company name is the same on both their website and any social media they have. One tactic that shady companies use to conceal their poor reputation is by changing their company’s name multiple times.  

Step 2: Get Recommendations 

Ask all of the people in your inner circle if they’re hired a locksmith in the last year or so, especially those whose opinions you value the most. If they’ve had to hire a locksmith recently, quiz them on how the experience went. Were they happy with the results? What about the prices? Were there any issues? Whether they had a positive or negative experience, you can use that feedback to help narrow down their choices. If they really loved the company, that can be a strong choice on your list.  

Step 3: Do Your Research 

When searching for locksmith companies that are local, take note of all of the different options you have that look promising. If you’re dealing with an emergency situation, such as a lockout, obviously you won’t have the time to take notes on multiple companies, but it’s still good to check out at least 3-4 companies for comparison purposes. Pay attention to their services and note any specials that they’re advertising online. Identify all the information you can from their website and write down their phone number to use later. Also make sure to search the company’s name to see if there are any reviews posted by former customers. 

The ideal choice for a locksmith company will have 24/7 emergency services, fully equipped mobile locksmith service trucks, and licensed technicians. Since most locksmith issues that people request assistance for will be time-sensitive, the ability to call a locksmith and have them help you out in a short period of time is crucial.  

Tip 4: Narrow Down Your Options 

Go through your notes and aim to narrow down your choices to your top three companies. If you don’t have much time, you can choose just two. Compare all of the information you’ve gathered so far before you move on to the next step. Don’t agonize too much over this step, but it can save you the time of calling a bunch of different places.  

Tip 5: Call the Companies for More Information  

This step is to ensure that the company you hire is trustworthy, honest, and does quality work. Give each company a call separates with a pen and paper in hand. While you’ve got the company on the phone, ask them about their services, rates, and policies, and take notes. Do this with each company you have on your list so you can compare their answers. At any time if one of the phone representatives avoids answering your question directly or changes the subject, you should strongly reconsider using that locksmith company. Ask about their qualifications, training, and certifications as well. An above-board locksmith company should have no problem answering these questions. They should also be willing to give you a no-cost, no-obligation estimate. Be wary of any company that is not.    

Tip 6: Set Up the Appointment 

Whether you need same-day service or just want to schedule an appointment soon, talk to the phone representative about scheduling a service call that fits around your schedule. While most locksmith companies nowadays offer 24/7 assistance, this may be subject to higher fees than work that is done during traditional business hours.  

Tip 7: Stick to the Quote  

Vetting your locksmith choice doesn’t end once they reach your home or office. Trust your gut and really pay attention to the locksmith that arrives at your home or business. If the company quotes you one price over the phone for the service, but in person the price suddenly jumps up or the locksmith talks about additional charges, you should strongly consider stopping the interaction then and finding another company. This kind of price-swapping is common among scam locksmith companies.  

Once you’ve found a locksmith company that you have a good experience with, whether for upgrading your locks or assisting with a lockout, make sure to save their number in your phone so that you have it handy whenever you need it.